Hi dear sister or brother,

My name is Sofia Jannok. I am singer and songwriter. I have raised a foundation which carries the name of my home tundra Árvas in the middle of Sápmi, Samiland. In the belief of my people’s existence as long as mother Earth will be breathing I wanted to strengthen the identity of the Sami youth, our future. We are still here and we are proud of our lives and heritage. Due to the lack of knowledge about us many misunderstandings appear. Even today in the 21st century Swedish schools hardly teach anything about the indigenous people of their nation. With knowledge understanding will follow.

Árvas Foundation is to care about our land and our water. My father and mother taught me that the land we live on is only for us to borrow. As we leave this life, we have to leave it with no traces behind so that the children to come can experience the same beauty as we have been living in. Unfortunately the colonization of the land, water, traditional livelihoods and life style goes on as I write as if none were living on earth. We still live here.

Árvas Foundation dream of a world where the Sami people and all our sisters and brothers around the world are free and independent.

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Photo: Thron Ullberg