Árvas Foundation by Sofia Jannok

”To channelize my feelings about the urgent need of knowledge about my people – the Sámi people – which I meet wherever music takes me around the world I founded a platform where I can work on this matter, without always have to bring it up on music stage. I wanted to not only talk about resistance, decolonizing or rights to exist, but also do someting to support all these elements. Árvas Foundation is to support projects for and by indigenous peoples, both within Sápmi – the area of my people – but also around the world. To support indigenous youth in times of climate changes, structural oppression and urbanized life style is something I care extra about.”


Árvas tundra is the name of the wide open tundra where Sofia Jannok’s home is around, in Luokta-Mávas Sámi reindeer herding district on Swedish side of Sápmi. Árvas tundra is roadless land, undestroyed by machines and been generously taken care of the indigenous Sámi people for generations. Árvas means ”generous”. Above all Árvas tundra is grazing land for the reindeer, our source of life, our protector and our future.


Every year Sofia Jannok hands out a scholarship in the name of the foundation to a person, group or organization who works for the existence of indigenous power.


2017 World Reindeer Herder’s Association

2016 Lac du Flambeau Public School, Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wisconsin, USA

2015 Niila Inga, chairman of Leavas Sámi community and Mats Berg, chairman of Girjas Sámi community

2014 Vaajmoe, Sámi youth choir